" It’s not a chore. It’s not a job and the day it becomes one, that’s the day I pack it in. "

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" I always wanted to be a rock star. When I got my first bass guitar at the age of fifteen, that was it for me. I didn’t have a whole lot else going on in my life. 

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❝ “The power of the people is so much stronger than the people in power”-
— Bono at Georgetown University (via sweetest-heartland)
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I represent a lot of people [in Africa] who have no voice at all… They haven’t asked me to represent them. It’s cheeky but I hope they’re glad I do.

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❝ Joy is a subject I go on and on about. It’s one of the only emotions you can’t contrive. It’s impossible. Despair and anger are easier to convey. Great rock ‘n’ roll, the raw stuff, is pure joy. It’s that sense of being alive, of being grateful for your pulse.
— Bono (via fuckyeahbonovox)
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❝ We’re the most loved and the most hated band on earth. A lot of reasons people don’t like us - apart from myself, which I understand because I have to live with me too - are actually what make us interesting. It’s the tangents, the explorations, the making mistakes in public. The audacity of thinking you can get involved in something like debt cancellation…and being slagged off by your mates. When we announced the Jubilee 2000 campaign with Muhammad Ali at the Brits there were boos. “Fuck off, you cunt!” One hundred billion dollars of debt cancelled for 32 developing nations later…The people going “Fuck off”, what have they pulled off? I don’t mean them personally, but whatever they’re supporting, what did it achieve? If it achieved something - great. Our diversions make us interesting. You might think “Get the singer out of my face”, and I understand all the projectile vomiting aspects to shaking hands with politicians and having an interest in religion. But U2, love or hate them, all the things that shape and form the time, maybe not the fashionista, but all the other things, we’re right there. I hope that that makes it an interesting spectator sport.
— Bono when asked “How do you think people in general perceive U2 - and you?” - Q Magazine. (via fuckyeahbonovox)
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What made Steve Jobs truly great is that he was only interested in doing truly great things. He was bored by an easy ride or easy profit. In a world littered with dull objects, he brought the beauty of clean lines and clear thought. This rhyme of intellect and intuition could be applied to a wide range of subjects from the US education system, to sculpture, to the fight against HIV/AIDS where his support of (RED) literally transformed the lives of two million people in Africa.

He changed music. He changed film. He changed the personal computer and turned telephony on its head while he was at it. He was tenacious in the extreme, his toughness never more evident than these past few years in his fight for his life as well as his companies’.

Steve told me as proud as he was of Apple and Pixar, his real pride was his family. He was a thoughtful and tender father, and loved nothing more than hanging out in the house with his belle Laurene and the kids.

I already miss him…one of a very small group of anarchic Americans who through technology literally invented the 21st century. We will all miss the hardware software Elvis.

— Bono (via fuckyeahbonovox)
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❝ There was a connection there. There was an understanding. He understood a little of what I felt. I was younger than him, I didn’t have any brothers, my father was out of whack anyway, so Bono was the link. He said ‘Look, I understand a bit what you’re going through. Maybe I can help you.’ And he did. Through thick and thin he’s always been there for me. Always.
— Larry on how Bono helped him after the death of his mother in 1978. (via fuckyeahbonovox)
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On a scale of 1 - 10, how possible was a break up?
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❝ Growing up is not something you’re supposed to do as a rock ‘n’ roll act
— Bono after winning GQ’s Band Of The Year Award (via fuckyeahbonovox)
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